Call centre solution

Our dialer is an effective tool for communication in a Call Center. As the name “Call Center” itself suggests, there is obviously a massive load of incoming and outgoing call traffic all day and maybe all night too. Relying on technology such as “dialers” to ease communication with your clients is the perfect solution.

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Termination services

We have  built a bridge between client Voice over Internet Protocol infrastructure and the Public Switch Telecommunication Network (PSTN). VoIP is a fast growing telecommunication concept but until it totally replaces the PSTN, there will always be a need for companies and providers to connect to the public telephone network.

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IP-PBX Services

Business X is a growing company with increasing staff number. Business X has branches nationwide and is about to set up a virtual international branch in order to reach international clients as well.

How can We make this possible at minimal cost to the company? Using one single number to serve your whole organisation; A local number can be used for different services depending on organisational requirements.

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