Business X is a growing company with increasing staff number. Business X has branches nationwide and is about to set up a virtual international branch in order to reach international clients as well.

How can Techbooky Elite make this possible at minimal cost to the company? Using one single number to serve your whole organisation; A local number can be used for different services depending on organisational requirements. Business X can have a call manipulation dialling/answering structure in place linking various branches together. Business X whose headquarter is based in Lagos can have features such as call transfer, queuing, hold and other features set up such that customers are passed on from one location to the other seamlessly especially to offices in other states.

The advantage of this is that the management doesn’t have to worry about what effect a relocation decision would have on the overall business X output. Virtual office set-up  In this era of internet boom, many people work from the convenience of their homes and other remote locations and still get the same result as though they worked from the office. Business X may want to make it easy for their UK clients to reach them without having to spend so much on calls.

Business X requests Techbooky Elite provide a platform to enable this. Techbooky Elite  obtains a local UK number and each time the international client calls, they are billed at UK rates while the call rings on your Techbookyelite  extension in Lagos. No need for infrastructure purchase; At Techbooky Elite , we realise that companies undergo restructuring from time to time.

The scalable structure of Techbooky Elite systems allows for this to be carried out without hassle. Techbooky Elite IP PBX systems are devoid of major onsite infrastructure and this allows for Business X to carry out sizing and relocations without any cost to internal and external communication systems. Make international calls from dedicated channels at local rates; Business X can call international destinations from their desks at extremely low rates. This is also internally controlled by an administrator. Business X IT administrator has control over this. With calls starting from as low as 5 Naira per minute to international destinations, Business X saves thousands of Naira every month on international calls. Techbooky Elite provides clear channel international calls for businesses.

Overall savings; Putting the points outlined above together, business X saves a lot at the end of each month and this helps business X invest these savings in other programmes. At Techbooky Elite, we want to see you grow more at minimal cost to your organisation.